Welcome sister!

I am SO happy you are here. Having been on the crazy wedding planning roller coaster ride myself, I know how stressful this time can be.

I see you. I feel you. I WAS YOU.

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  • You are​ going through the motions of wedding planning and know there MUST be more to this experience than the endless to-do lists and questions about "color schemes". What happened to this being a celebration of our love? Since when did this become just a big party?
  • You have become PARALYZED with trying to make all the "right" decisions. You have started second guessing yourself and don't even know what you want anymore. I thought I didn't care about having a wedding cake, but now that I see my friend's beautiful wedding cake on Facebook, maybe I do? Ahhh, too many choices, my head is spinning! Maybe it would be easier if we just eloped!
  • You are tired of feeling OVERWHELMED. You are trying to do all the things you are "supposed" to do, but none of it feels very good. Why can't wedding planning be more fun and enjoyable? Am I the only engaged person on the planet who isn't have "the best time of my life?"
  • You are used to PLEASING EVERYONE and fears being called a "bridezilla" if you actually express your opinion. You would do things differently if you weren't so afraid of disappointing others. If it were up to me, I wouldn't invite that one friend to our wedding because we have grown apart and don't have that much in common anymore. Do I have a choice though since we have known each other for so long?
  • You have found your soulmate (soul + teammate) and want to honor your partner's amazingness, your own amazingness, and the ultimate amazingness that happens when you two are TOGETHER. This is 2017! There ain't no "2 becoming 1" happening over here. We are equals on one kickass team!
  • You dream of a wedding that is totally and completely UNIQUE. One that CELEBRATES the truest expression of your relationship and the life you desire to lead together. I want our wedding to feel like "us." I've talked to all of my friends, pinned all of the pins, and searched "how to plan a meaningful wedding," but I still have no idea where to start!

Do I hear some SNAPS??!

It's time we change the narrative around wedding planning and say GOODBYE to the impossibly high expectations society puts on us to plan THE. PERFECT. DAY (complete with insanely creative yet affordable guest activities, the most original signature cocktails, and an expertly chosen hashtag). Because guess what? We are only human. Even brides!! ​​​​

We all have jobs other than being CEO of our wedding. We all have other ways we'd like to spend our money. And we all just want our guests to enjoy themselves without losing our minds or going broke trying to attend to every need. More than anything, we desire a day full of LOVE, JOY and CELEBRATION. Is that too much to ask?

My answer is a resounding: HELL NO.

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The Woula™ Mission

As The Woula™ (a play on words of wedding & doula), my mission is to empower women just like YOU -- real, intentional and PERFECTLY IMPERFECT -- to plan a wedding that LIGHTS YOU UP. To have your one-of-a-kind, magical celebration. Not the kind of Instagram-perfect, you-can't-ever-be-upset-about-anything kind of celebration. But the kind of celebration when two perfectly imperfect souls come together to celebrate their perfectly imperfect life. 

The kind of celebration that shows the world, and each other, what you are all about.    

What love means to you.

What community means to you.

What life means to you.

There is nothing more beautiful and magical than THIS kind of celebration. Or what I like to call: a Soulabration®.

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