Word of the Week: Believe Life Lesson: Two years ago, I decided to do something scary. I quit my corporate job, moved across the country by myself, left Andrew and all my friends behind, and embarked on a brand new career in NYC studying Clinical Psychology at Columbia with a concentration in Spirituality and Mind-Body […]

Goal Setting + Getting, Navigating Your Path

May 25, 2020

Monday Vibes: The Key to Following Your Dreams

Word of the Week: Selfish Life Lesson: A few weeks ago, I realized I hadn’t taken a day off in over a month. Quarantine life has brought up a lot of my old workaholic tendencies, my fixation on being productive, my resistance to rest. I mean, if we can’t go see our friends, go to […]

Navigating Your Path

May 18, 2020

Monday Vibes: A New Work/Life Balance Idea

Word of the Week: Space Life Lesson: Tis the season of shadow work, amirite? I’ve been exceptionally grumpy, wallowing in a sea of self-pity, scrolling on Instagram, fuming, thinking people are trying to suck on purpose. I think to myself, must be nice to have… A backyard A frontyard A garden Home-grown vegetables A car […]

Navigating Your Path

May 11, 2020

Monday Vibes: What To Do When You Hate Everyone

Word of the Week: Allow Life Lesson: My heart has been heavy lately. I’ve been yearning for “the way things were.” I’ve been more sensitive than usual, raw, easily thrown off course. I’ve been feeling insecure, full of self-doubt, and questioning everything. My work. My purpose. My relationships. The ways I interact with people. My […]

Navigating Your Path

May 4, 2020

Monday Vibes: How to Cope with Difficult Emotions

Word of the Week: Faith Life Lesson: I don’t do well with uncertainty. I much prefer things to be in my control. To plan. Over-plan. Rehearse things in my head. Analyze. Think. Solve. Fix. Plan some more. This is my natural state of being. There came a point, though, when I realized my struggles with […]

Navigating Your Path

April 27, 2020

Monday Vibes: How to Handle Uncertainty

Word of the Week: Duality Life Lesson: Can I be super honest about something? I’ve been judging the shit out of people lately. Judging their fears Judging their anxiety Judging their inability to slow down Judging their hoarding Judging their hand sanitizer and face masks and surgical gloves Judging their virtual workouts Judging their news […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

April 20, 2020

Monday Vibes: Why We Judge Others

Word of the Week: Reclaim Life Lesson: I’ve been feeling very disempowered lately, suffocating from all of the opinions and expectations around me. Do this, don’t do that. Say this, don’t say that. Buy this, don’t buy that. Sell this, don’t sell that. Unsolicited advice has been flying at me from all directions. I couldn’t […]

Navigating Your Path

April 13, 2020

Monday Vibes: The First Step in Standing Up for Yourself

Word of the Week: Awareness Life Lesson: I used to need proof for everything: Proof that what I was eating was good for me Proof that my exercise routine was the right combination of fat-burning and muscle-building Proof that my meditation practice was making me less anxious Proof that my opinions mattered Proof that a […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

April 6, 2020

Monday Vibes: Do You Overanalyze Your Life?

Word of the Week: Sensitive Life Lesson: A few weeks ago, I jolted up from being fast asleep at 2am and said to Andrew: “There is a fire. I smell a fire.” I tore out of our bedroom and furiously checked our burners. Nothing. I checked our radiators. Nothing. The smell was so intense I […]


March 30, 2020

Monday Vibes: Why Being Sensitive Is A Superpower

Word of the Week: Letting Go Life Lesson: Every time I propagate my houseplants to create more houseplants or give clippings of my plant babies to friends, there’s a part of me that says “No! Don’t do it! It will never grow back!” Of course, they always do and then there’s more to go around […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

March 23, 2020

Monday Vibes: How to Practice Letting Go IRL

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