Happy September everyone!!  With every new month, I try to take time to reflect on the highs, the lows, the learnings and the growth I experienced during the previous month. Sooooo since this is WAY more fun to do in community, I am super excited to be starting a new tradition in my private Facebook group where we will hold a "campfire circle" at the end of every month so we can reflect together!   Join us for the party! 

Here are my TOP 5 from August:

1.  What I’m nerding out to: “Eight Legal Steps...that Are Also Good for Your Soul: 7 Steps to Go from Stuck & Scared of the Law to Confident & Empowered" by Lisa Fraley. 

A MUST READ for any entrepreneur looking to understand the law in plain English and about what legal steps are needed to take your biz to the next level. I love how Lisa aligns the law with the chakras, and her spiritual approach made charting this scary, uncharted territory much more enjoyable...and even a little fun!

2.  What I’ve got playing on repeat: “Praying” by Kesha 

Is anyone else obsessed with this song???!  Feeling ALL the feels.

3.  What I’m grateful for: An amazing family. One that laughs together, cries together and holds each others’ hands through life together.

4.  What I learned: I learned that I, like most of our society, have a deep fear and aversion to death. While I am regularly practicing yoga and meditation, which is in essence a practice of dying, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to death, grief and the idea of impermanence. Here is a next step for me:

5.  Magical Moment of the Month: The moment of totality during the solar eclipse when we could take our glasses off and see the bright blue iridescent circle surrounding the sun. It was CRAY. If you pop over to Insta (@thewoula) you can watch the video clip I posted and relive this magical moment with me! 

Photo cred goes to my talented father-in-law!

Now it's your turn! What were your TOP 5 from August? Share them in the comments!
1. What are you nerding out to?
2. What song do you have playing on repeat?
3. What are you grateful for?
4. What did you learn?
5. What was your Magical Moment of the Month?

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