Seeing this quote reminded me so much about wedding planning. I felt so much pressure to do this thing, invite that person or feel a certain way about being engaged (*cue person in the elevator asking why I’m not more excited about planning my wedding...sound familiar?). I was trolling all forms of social media to get ideas about anything having to do with a rustic / bohemian / unique / affordable / outdoorsy / alternative/meaningful wedding. I was literally Googling “how to plan a meaningful wedding.” I asked for everyone’s input and took in all of the feedback. Guess where that got me? Confused out of my mind!

It took me a long time to realize that I had all of the wisdom inside of me. That deep down I knew exactly how I wanted our wedding to look and feel. It took peeling back all the layers of “shoulds” and “supposed tos” to be able to see what “planning a meaningful wedding” really meant to me. It felt scary and vulnerable to OWN my happiness. To have the courage to say “no” to what didn’t feel right and “yes” to what did. To expose myself to judgement and disappointment. To relinquish my need for external validation. But this is what allowed for the ultimate SOULABRATION! Not only was I able to plan a wedding that felt true to me, true to us, but I learned how to stand up for my own happiness.

>>How will YOU soulabrate?

>>What is ONE “should” or “supposed to” that you can let go of that will allow you to feel your happiest and truest self on your wedding day?

Photo courtesy of Sara Byrne Photography

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