I’m coming off of my high from spending the weekend with two very close girlfriends and am reminded just how grateful I am for REAL friendships. The type of friendship that just gets deeper, richer and more beautiful over time.

I don’t know about you all but the wedding planning process was full of highs and lows around the topic of friends for me. Who did whatever it took to be there on your special day (and didn’t make you feel bad about it)? Who do you wish you didn’t *have* to invite? Who were you crushed to hear couldn’t make it? Who didn’t RSVP at all?

For me, the wedding planning process offered a lot of unexpected clarity around who my soul sisters (and brothers) were. It helped me to see my true community. Not the community I had when I was 12. Not the community I had when I was 20. But the community I have now and into the future.

Even though sometimes planning your wedding feels like you are back in fifth grade wondering if someone will ask you to be on their red rover team, remember, it’s those REAL friends that matter most. The ones who continue to show up for you. The ones who celebrate your wins with you and wrap you up in hugs when you are feeling down. The ones who don’t ask you to explain yourself. The ones who love you for YOU.

These are the friends who will show up to your wedding with their sleeves rolled up ready to help out. These are the friends who will make you feel like you are freaking Beyoncé for the day. These are the friends who will help to create that wedding day MAGIC. Life is too short to worry about anyone else.💃🏰🌹

Photo courtesy of Sara Byrne Photography

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