Word of the Week: Non-attachmentLife Lesson: The other weekend, Andrew and I were out exercising together. He was running and I was biking. This is something we do when one of us is training for a race to keep the other company and enjoy some QT together. Since Andrew was only a few weeks away […]


October 7, 2019

Monday Vibes: The Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness IRL

Often, people ask me why I often avoid drinking alcohol, refuse to get an Apple Watch, or stray away from diets like the plague. I say it’s because I have “an addictive personality.” What I usually mean when I say this, is that I have a tendency to numb my feelings or get carried away […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

October 4, 2019

4 Questions About Addictive Personalities Answered

Word of the Week: ResponsibilityLife Lesson: Nothing gets under my skin more than passive-aggressiveness. It’s that unsettling feeling when what someone says doesn’t match their body language or energy. I think it bothers me because it requires me to expend extra energy trying to unpack the subtle messages and navigate the undertones of how I […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

September 30, 2019

Monday Vibes: Let’s All Stop Being So Passive-Aggressive

Every relationship ebbs and flows. Some days may feel amazing while others may leave you crying on the kitchen floor. The key to weathering these natural storms is to form good relationship habits from the start. Here are six everyday habits to help build a strong and healthy relationship: 1. Don’t avoid conflict Conflict is […]

Navigating Your Path

September 24, 2019

6 Everyday Habits to Keep Your Relationship Strong

Word of the Week: SurrenderLife Lesson: When I first started freelance writing, a 750-word piece would take me anywhere from 6-12 hours to write. I belabored over every word, was obsessed with finding scientific studies to “prove” all of my points, and would re-write sentences up until the eleventh hour the piece was due. Not […]

Navigating Your Path, Tips + Tools

September 23, 2019

Monday Vibes: Are You White-Knuckling Through Life?

Word of the Week: GrowthLife Lesson: When I sense that something is off between me and another person, my first thought is I’ve done something “wrong.” I assume that whatever weirdness I feel is a reflection of our relationship and it makes me squirm with discomfort. Since I feel emotions so strongly, it’s hard for […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

September 16, 2019

Monday Vibes: Why People-Pleasing is an Impossible Task

Word of the Week: VulnerabilityLife Lesson: On December 2, 2017, my first piece was published. The piece was called “5 Not-So-Obvious Tips for Staying Present On Your Wedding Day” and it was published on Thought Catalog. I remember I cried I was so excited. Me?? A writer?! As someone with a learning disability, I assumed […]

Navigating Your Path

September 9, 2019

Monday Vibes: Do You Give Yourself Permission to Mess Up?

Over time it has become increasingly clear that climate change is taking a toll on our planet — but what about our mental health? To start, more people than ever believe that climate change is an issue to be concerned about. According to a 2018 “survey administered by Yale, about six in ten Americans (62%) say they […]


September 9, 2019

Is ‘Climate Despair’ Making People Depressed?

Word of the Week: FlowLife Lesson: I have a confession: I wrote the last five Monday Vibes emails back in July. I was feeling particularly creative (which tends to happen to me when I am on my period) so I decided to put everything else aside and knock out all of my newsletters for the month of August […]

Slumber Party Fun, Tips + Tools

September 3, 2019

Monday Vibes: How To Find Your Creative Flow

Word of the Week: HonestyLife Lesson: There’s something I need to say “no” to that I’ve been putting off. I’ve been avoiding making a decision on this thing for months. Back in April, I was so proud of myself for buying a few more months to make the decision by saying “I’ll get back to you […]

Navigating Your Path

August 26, 2019

Monday Vibes: Analysis Paralysis? Here’s Why Honesty is a Good Thing

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