Feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or downright depleted from wedding planning? Try incorporating some of these crystals into your magical self-care toolbox to help stay grounded and centered amidst the chaos! Plus, have a little fun while you are at it :)

Today, my friend and crystal guru Pamela Chen from Luna Prosperity led an ammmmmmazing training for the Soulabration™ Sisters community around the new moon energy (it's all about relationships and balance right now in Libra!) and her top 4 crystals recommendations to stay grounded and centered.

Here is some of the juicy goodness that we learned today (and if you want to tune into the full replay, head on over here!). Thank you Pamela for sharing your wisdom with us and to Luna Prosperity for the beautiful pictures!

1.  Smoky Quartz Cluster

Great for:

  • Repelling negative energy
  • Partnerships, togetherness, community
  • Achieving personal and business goals

Now what?

  • Meditate with your smoky quartz
  • Put it by doors like a guard dog
  • Place it in rooms where you and your partner spend time together

2.  Aragonite

Great for:

  • Calming
  • Letting things go
  • Centering in times of chaos 

Now what?

  • Keep your aragonite on your person
  • Carry it around in your bag or pocket
  • Hold it in your hand before a potentially stressful meeting or difficult conversation (perhaps with your parents, future in-laws or hard-to-work-with-vendor!)

3.  Rose Quartz Tower

Great for:

  • Love, beauty, compassion, self-confidence
  • Sending wishes up to the Universe
  • Receiving loving energy

Now what?

  • Sleep with your rose quartz underneath your pillow
  • Put it in your bedroom / on both sides of the bed 
  • Place it next to your heart to open up your heart chakra

4. Celestite

Great for:

  • Calming / healing
  • Making everyone feel at peace
  • Helping to bring pure energy into a room

Now what?

  • Place your celestite in your living room 
  • Helps to detox the body
  • Use as a centerpiece at social gatherings (like your wedding reception!)

SOUL NUDGE :: Which crystal are you most excited about adding to your magical self-care toolbox, and why?

Can't wait to add more crystals into your life? Reach out to my girl Pamela Chen at Luna Prosperity @lunaprosperity to pick out your spirit crystal!

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