There is no other way to begin to describe my time in Sedona.

That feeling you get when you laugh so hard you cry. And cry so hard you laugh. When you spend all day dreaming, and visioning, and contemplating the Universe and your soul's purpose.

Eating coconut pancakes and sipping on fresh kombucha. Driving with the top down, wind in your hair, surrounded by nothing but raw beauty for miles and miles and miles.

Being in the NOW. Sunshine, butterflies, warm breezes, hummingbirds, canyon wrens, and shooting stars.

And silence. So much healing comes when we surrender to silence. When we go inward, and drum, and walk through medicine wheels, and honor our ancestors, and cleanse our chakras.

And the greatest, most magical blessing of them all? Being able to share this experience with a true Soul Sister.

All I can say is I am coming back from this trip having entered my third decade of life but with as much joy, wonder, and zest for being alive as I had when I was 5. Before the stress, the labels, the fear, the insecurities, the distrust, the pressure. When I could just be me.  

Watch out, world. What I'm beginning to understand is we become our strongest, most powerful selves when we unleash the child within us. The one who gives no f*cks about what other people think. The one who KNOWS she is here on this planet to be happy. The one who believes in dreams, and goodness, and love, and play, and MAGIC. That ANYTHING is possible 

I feel so grateful to have found this little girl again. May she always be free.

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