Revisiting what I shared in Bustle earlier this year about boundaries:

"While you may think you are being nice and accommodating by taking other people’s opinions into account when making your decisions, it can often end up making you feel resentful if you don’t take a stance on what you really want," wedding doula Elizabeth Su tells Bustle. "Perhaps counterintuitively, boundaries are the most compassionate thing you can do in a relationship." 

Boundaries are HOT on my mind right now. So much confusion, misunderstanding, and SHAME are thrown around about when they *should* be set and what they *should* look. It's no wonder that we, especially women, have internalized that boundaries are "bad" and feel guilty for setting them. But boundaries are KEY to living an authentic and empowered life. That's why I'll be talking a looooooot more about them in the coming weeks.

Tell me : what is your #1 struggle or burning q when it comes to saying no, setting boundaries, or standing up for yourself?

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PPS - You can read the entire Bustle article here: "7 Signs You're Letting Other People Make Decisions For You"

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