Word of the Week: Sensitive Life Lesson: A few weeks ago, I jolted up from being fast asleep at 2am and said to Andrew: “There is a fire. I smell a fire.” I tore out of our bedroom and furiously checked our burners. Nothing. I checked our radiators. Nothing. The smell was so intense I […]


March 30, 2020

Monday Vibes: Why Being Sensitive Is A Superpower

Word of the Week: Letting Go Life Lesson: Every time I propagate my houseplants to create more houseplants or give clippings of my plant babies to friends, there’s a part of me that says “No! Don’t do it! It will never grow back!” Of course, they always do and then there’s more to go around […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

March 23, 2020

Monday Vibes: How to Practice Letting Go IRL

Word of the Week: Open Life Lesson: People often ask me: “How did you make it work financially when you quit your corporate job?” There is no quick answer but here are a few key factors: I saved a shit ton before I did it. I have a supportive working husband (which I know makes […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

February 17, 2020

Monday Vibes: How Much Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

Word of the Week: Simplify Life Lesson: As I was preparing for my graduate school finals back in December, I turned on my iPad to discover that when Andrew had logged me out of my account a few weeks prior, none of the notes I had taken in 2019 saved. Every single one was gone. […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

January 20, 2020

Monday Vibes: The Key to Simplifying Your Life

Is checking my phone — first thing in the morning — the best way for me to wake up? Do I really not have time to practice yoga, or is that just an excuse? With the hustle and bustle of life, I often find myself reacting to what’s happening around me instead of taking a proactive role […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

January 9, 2020

4 Tips for Taking a Mental Health Detox

As I get ready to usher in a new decade, I am in a deep state of reflection. Is this where I thought I would be by now? In what ways have I grown? Do my relationships feel supportive? Am I making time to nurture my mind-body-spirit? How can I make an even greater impact on the […]


January 4, 2020

4 Ways to Start Fresh in the New Decade

I used to believe that relaxing was a complete waste of time. If I’m feeling anxious — I would think to myself — then why would I elect to spend my time doing “nothing” when I could use that time to cross things off my to-do list and make the anxious feelings go away? Isn’t […]


December 17, 2019

Does Relaxing Make Anxious People More Anxious?

Word of the Week: Rest Life Lesson: Right before we left for our trip to Germany a few months ago, I developed a calf injury. My calf hurt so bad I could barely walk. I was convinced our trip would be ruined because I wouldn’t be able to walk anywhere and nothing I did to “make […]


December 16, 2019

Monday Vibes: The Power of Rest

Word of the Week: Authenticity Life Lesson: I have always had a heightened level of sensitivity. As a child, I could tell when the milk was going bad days before the rest of my family. Every person had their own scent. And I always seemed to know exactly the right thing to say, even at […]


November 25, 2019

Monday Vibes: Learning to Love All Parts of Yourself

Word of the Week: SuccessLife Lesson: One of my favorite parts about our recent trip to Denver, CO was the question “What do you do for work?” almost never came up. We would meet people and talk about the best hikes in the area, where we went running, and the latest CBD-infused drink we tried before […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

November 4, 2019

Monday Vibes: Are Success and Happiness the Same?

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