Word of the Week: Generosity Life Lesson: We need to talk about generosity. The holiday season can bring up a lot around the concept of giving, receiving, and what it means to be a “good” person: If someone gives me a gift, do I have to reciprocate at the exact same value? Do I need […]

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January 27, 2020

Monday Vibes: Being Generous and a Good Person Aren’t the Same Thing

Word of the Week: Simplify Life Lesson: As I was preparing for my graduate school finals back in December, I turned on my iPad to discover that when Andrew had logged me out of my account a few weeks prior, none of the notes I had taken in 2019 saved. Every single one was gone. […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

January 20, 2020

Monday Vibes: The Key to Simplifying Your Life

Word of the Week: Forgiveness Life Lesson: Notes From Camp 003 (our Dear Abby/Dear Sugar advice column: accepting applications here) Dear Elizabeth, Four years ago, I unexpectedly was invited to attend a recruiting event in San Francisco for a company in which I was interested. I was ecstatic, but was in school and was told […]

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January 13, 2020

Monday Vibes: An Unpopular Opinion on Forgiveness

Is checking my phone — first thing in the morning — the best way for me to wake up? Do I really not have time to practice yoga, or is that just an excuse? With the hustle and bustle of life, I often find myself reacting to what’s happening around me instead of taking a proactive role […]

Mindfulness, Navigating Your Path

January 9, 2020

4 Tips for Taking a Mental Health Detox

Word of the Week: Listen Life Lesson: Happy 2020 beautiful MV community! While I am not really big into setting New Year’s resolutions anymore, I do enjoy setting aside time at the start of a new year for self-reflection. I created a vision board for my personal hopes and dreams, Andrew and I created a […]

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January 6, 2020

Monday Vibes: How to Capitalize on This Season of Reflection

The New Year can bring about a sea of emotions: excitement, anxiety, disappointment, frustration, overwhelm, and shame. On the one hand, new beginnings can give the illusion of having a blank slate. Talkspace therapist Joanna Filidor, LMFT, finds that January is a time when many people are motivated to create change. On the other hand, January […]

Goal Setting + Getting, Navigating Your Path

January 3, 2020

You Don’t Need to Start Something New in January

Word of the Week: Self-love Life Lesson: When I look back at 2019, I am struck by the theme of releasing and letting go. Lots of shedding, grieving, and periods spent going inward. While wildly uncomfortable at times, I discovered how freeing it can be when you stop relying on external forces to make you […]

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December 30, 2019

Monday Vibes: The Importance of Radical Self-Love

My husband and I are both Chinese American — he is first-generation and I am second-generation. We often have conversations about how our Chinese heritage impacts our daily life. Some days we forget entirely that we are Chinese, and other days we are hyper-aware of the microaggressions we incur as part of an immigrant family. […]

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December 27, 2019

The Hidden Stress of Being a Child of Immigrants

Word of the Week: Gentle Life Lesson: Notes from Camp 002 (our Dear Abby/Dear Sugar-style advice column) Dear Elizabeth, My manager told me that others were talking about me negatively behind my back (around me being late for a meeting). Overall, I’ve been really successful in my role and have heard nothing but positive feedback. I like […]

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December 23, 2019

Monday Vibes: The Secret to Moving Through Shame

Word of the Week: Bold Life Lesson: One of the overarching themes I decided I wanted to embody for my branding photoshoot was to be bold. I wanted to be bold enough to let the “real me” shine through. Not the safe version of me. Not the most likable version of me. Not the corporate […]

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December 9, 2019

Monday Vibes: How to Quantum Leap Into Your True Self

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