Client Love and Testimonials

Nothing brings me more joy than helping my clients achieve their goals and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives! 


Elizabeth Su, thank you for an absolutely incredible expectation-breaking 21 days! What a wonderful community you have created with these thoughtful, loving and prompt videos, emails, and encouragements! I feel so lucky to have been part of the experience.

*What were your favorite mindfulness tricks..*

Stop Doing List and Morning Routine - for both, I was able to pick really specific things (getting rid of instagram and the snooze button) that I have kept to since I started.

*What are the biggest shifts...*

This is kind of meta, but I'm more mindful about the importance of mindfulness, and my ability to weave that into my life. I missed a lot of these challenges but really enjoyed the daily routine of reading the emails and fb posts, and knowing that all of those exercises were both worthwhile and totally within my abilities to do.

*How will you stay committed...*

This experience has taught me that I do best with really specific tasks that can become a routine. So I started to meditate with Headspace. Somewhat sporadically, but getting more consistent! Mornings seem to be the best bet.

*What new insights/tools/learnings... *

Mindfulness is within reach! And there are tools out there to fight back against the waves of work and self doubt.

Becky Gallagher

Sr Analyst, Business Development

Kalyn Saulsberry

Program Manager


II LOVED your self-love challenge. It came at a time for me when I was deeply unhappy with my life in tech and that unhappiness was starting to spread to other parts of my life. The daily challenges kept me grounded and helped direct me to a new career path that I'm really optimistic about.  Thank you for putting together such an amazing set of challenges! My favorite exercises/the ones that helped me reflect the most were:

1. Redefining Success

2. Live your best life for a day

3. Treat Yoself!

The first two were really helpful in letting me see that I wasn't doing what was really important to me at that moment, but that it was POSSIBLE to make the decision to live life according to my definition of success. The third one was just really fun because I got a massage :-).


 Day 21: My wish for myself is that I live this life to its fullest! My wish is that I take advantage of every precious minute, I nourish the relationships and people that I cherish, I continue to prioritize my health, and I find the balance. My first step to making this a reality is to work on being present, conscious, and turning off the mind. Enjoying, listening, and capitalizing on the silence. 

Reassessing where I am and having the honest moment is necessary and something that this challenge helped me to learn and confront. For that I am forever grateful, so thank you Elizabeth Su and to this entire group. I appreciate you listening, being a safe space, and for sharing.

I have felt a shift since starting this challenge. I am exercising more regularly, I am no longer fighting the dread of work on a daily basis but instead have taken steps to starting my next work chapter. I have more energy, I started waking up earlier (shocked my partner to no end). I feel like I am taking better care of myself and my family here in Nashville. I am excited to execute on some of the realizations that the daily exercises brought up for me. Tomorrow, I re-do the book shelf in our bedroom to make the space more sanctuary like. Then onto the next....xo

Dria McCluskey

RN, MSN, Managing Director


1. What has been my biggest takeaway from this mindfulness challenge so far? 
I think my biggest takeaway has been the reminder that mindfulness can be a constant practice, if you allow it to be. I loved all the different ways I was challenged to integrate mindfulness into my day-to-day and am looking forward to doing these practices in the weeks to come.

2. What is one shift I’ve experienced in my life since starting this challenge?
I appreciate slowing down!!

3. What is one unexpected thing I’ve learned about myself on this 21-day mindfulness journey?
Mindful showering surprisingly has proven to be the most challenging practice this week in terms of returning the present moment. My mind just automatically races in that space, which I find really interesting…

4. What am I most excited about heading into Week 2? 
I’m looking forward to Liz’s continued wisdom and ideas and learning from you all  Such wonderful sources of inspiration.

Hannah Cooper

Santa Clara University

 Jenny Venkat

 Manager, Corporate Mobility Strategy 


If you're overwhelmed by the wedding industry and want to do something that's "you" but aren't quite sure how, I can't recommend Elizabeth enough. There are so many moments where it's easy to get caught up in the craziness. Elizabeth really grounded me in what's important to us.  She also provided super helpful worksheets -- everything from selecting music, to writing our vows, to how to incorporate special moments into the morning of our wedding. Every questions or challenge I was having, Elizabeth had thoughtful input. There's no one I would have rather worked with in getting ready for our big day!


1. What was my favorite thing I learned/experienced from Week 2 and why?
Week two felt like the theme was “let it go”. I actually also downloaded the headspace app and intend to start using it weekly on sundays to start. This is my favorite because I am learning a new, healthy habit

2. What are the top three ways being more mindful has impacted my life so far?
I am practicing choosing and celebrating me. So I’ve changed my work schedule to do what’s best for me
I’ve been more vocal about my thoughts because my thoughts and opinions are just as valid
I’ve been carrying my pump parts in the open at work because it’s easier and I shouldn’t be embarrassed by producing food for my little one. My peer was previously washing her parts in the bathroom sink. We don’t eat in the bathroom so I choose to wash them in the break room sink.

3. What new perspectives, if any, do I have on what it means to live more mindfully?
I’m not sure about perspective, but i do find myself consciously slowing down and stopping to analyze each situation - and asking myself how can i do better.

4. What do I desire most out of the last 7 days of our 21-day mindfulness journey together?
I would love to keep this cohort going. Maybe once in awhile we post our highs and lows. Or maybe we revisit once a month and see how we’re practicing our mindfulness tricks and to see if anyone had any new tricks they’ve learned along the way 
I know we’re not all local but the feeling is like having us take a field trip or schedule a yoga class class together. Lol

Arlene Hadi

Engineering Project Manager

Candace Vig

University of Washington Medical Center


1. What has been my biggest takeaway from this mindfulness challenge so far?

Accept my thoughts and feelings. Accept that they are okay, whatever the feelings are--acknowledge them, and move on!

2. What is one shift I've experienced in my life since starting this challenge?

I look for ways to disconnect and just "be".

3. What is one unexpected thing I've learned about myself on this 21-day mindfulness journey?

I swirl. Too many things in my brain! This experience has helped me focus on the unconscious loop; make plans for what I can change, let go of what I cannot.

4. What am I most excited about heading into Week 2?

Continuing to learn from others and be inspired!


I was looking for clarity, an authentic vision for my wedding, and support through this experience. While I was a bit hesitant at first because I wanted to make sure I was being thoughtful and not just throwing money at my stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, once I spoke with you and learned about what you were doing, it was a quick and easy "hell YES", no-brainer decision to work with you! The way you connect and "see" your clients is powerful. When we meet or have a call I know you're so present and holding space with me. What's unique is everything you're doing, there's nothing else like this out there. What I value most is your support and thoughtfulness. I know you're advocating for me and are committed to helping me find success in this process. It's the best feeling to know you have someone in your corner rooting for you. :) 

Since working together, there are three main shifts I've experienced:

1. I'm excited about the process of getting married, you helped me realize that it's not just about one day, but the entire journey and experience. 

2. A sense of inner calm and confidence about this process and embracing the twists and turns.

3. The clarity around what is important to me for this process to be special and meaningful.

I am in the midst of so many changes, new beginnings, endings, and excited anticipation... and it feels SO good to have your support, positive energy, and guidance. I know that even if I lose site of my clarity and vision at any point along the way, you will be there to help me find it again. :)

If you are on the fence about working with Elizabeth, I would say to ABSOLUTELY do it!! You will be so happy you did. 

Caitlin Hayes

Executive Assistant  / Founder and Designer at 18 Belleau, LLC

Crystan Allan

Associate Marketing Manager


I did a lot of self-growth during this 21-day challenge. Not only did I learn some great mindfulness techniques from Elizabeth, my interactions with the others in the group helped me feel empowered (and less alone) in my journey. My recommendation is to find a friend and do this together. I found it strengthened my friendships with those who were in the challenge along with me and it helped me stay committed to my mindfulness practice. I should note that my "mindfulness practice" was essentially created from scratch during this challenge - but I developed a few habits that I am hoping to sustain! :)


The Woula helped with the most important part of my wedding - making sure it was more than just a party and felt like it was the next phase of our life.  Wedding planning brought out drama and made unimportant details seem monumental, but Elizabeth helps you set boundaries, think through how to make it reflect your relationship, and most importantly get you ready for marriage!  She's part therapist, part cheerleader, part best friend and I can't imagine planning a wedding without her!

Client headshot

 Lauren Visek


Bird of paradise

Victoria C.

Insights & Operations Manager / Yoga Teacher


I would 100% recommend working with Elizabeth as a woula! 

With her guidance, I went from reacting to all the chaos and emotions of the wedding planning process to mindfully and actively choosing how to respond to it all based on my own values.   

I got support as I set boundaries in my relationships, gently reminded to let go when I was grasping too hard or too much, and a compassionate sounding-board to reflect on the change and growth I’ve been experiencing. 

Since I’m not particularly close to my family and I don’t have many friends who are married to offer their advice, having Elizabeth as an open-hearted, magically-minded counselor has been all the more important for me. 


Elizabeth was such a wonderful addition to my wedding planning team. She helped me step back and slow down throughout the process; helped me think through and sit with the variety of feelings that popped up (from longing a better sense of community while planning far from home to guilt I had about the travel required of many to attend wedding); and mostly reminded me to be loving and forgiving of myself along the way. I highly recommend meeting with her!

Newlywed Couple

Britt Buntman

Sr. Manager, Business Development

Lexi Headshot

Lexi D'Angelo

Transformational Leadership Coach


I've had the honor of being Elizabeth's coach for almost a year now and it's been such a privilege to witness her magic and skill.

During the time that we've worked together, I was engaged and about to get married. Elizabeth was always my go-to resource for making sure I didn't lose sight of the importance of our special day.

What I love about the work that Elizabeth facilitates is that it's not only so incredibly helpful in navigating what can be a stressful time, but that it empowers women to stand up for their truth, own their desires, and to master important life skills that they can use beyond their wedding day. 

Elizabeth is one of the most thoughtful women I have ever worked with and it's obvious that her clients mean the world to her. She offers such a loving and safe space for women to be held inside of and anyone who comes in contact with her is better for it!

If you're considering working with Elizabeth, DO IT! She will take such good care of you and will hold your hand every step of the way to help you navigate this crazy, magical time in your life with ease and fun.