Happy Saturday!!🌼

I've spent most of my morning today in movement💃 I started the day off with some Spontaneous QiGong. Then I biked over to my favorite Saturday morning Nia dance class. When I got home, I tried to sit down to work but my mind was getting fixated on how much I had to do and I got overwhelmed. So up I went and proceeded to dance around my apartment until I felt good and ready to sit back down, and get after it!

Movement and dance play a HUGE role in my self-care. When I first learned about the concept of “self-care,” I thought the only things that “qualified” as self-care were taking a bath...getting a massage...eating well...and sleeping more. And those things are definitely wonderful and important self-care practices! But I’ve been learning that “self care” can encompass so much more!

To me, self care just means doing something that brightens your soul. It’s as simple as that. It’s tapping into what your body and soul needs to feel nourished in that moment.

Since my mind is a never-ending race track of to-do lists and inner dialogue, seated meditations can be really difficult for me. It’s hard for me to “find time” and when I do, my mind is going a millions miles a minute. So when I learned that movement and dance can also serve as “meditation,” my mind was BLOWN. Now this is something I could get behind!

Dance has always been very healing for me although I never considered it “healing” until very recently. The unstructured, care-free nature of dance is what I think is the most healing for me. I am generally SO structured in my day-to-day that, for me, dance is a practice of letting go of control, tuning into my body and HAVING FUN. It makes me feel like a little kid again!

Now, whenever I am in a bad mood, need to focus, or want to celebrate something exciting...I DANCE IT OUT.🙌

✨ I’d love to know what some of your self-care rituals are!

✨What is ONE thing that you are going to do this weekend that brightens your soul?

Photo courtesy of Kim Heath Photography

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