I am LOVING this Super Soul Sunday clip. Watching Brené Brown and Oprah geek out on the topics of fear, vulnerability and "enoughness" is totally making my day (*cue THE HIGH FIVE😍). Can I get get an AMEN?!

I was really moved by the description of vulnerability being the #1 casualty in a society rooted in scarcity. How vulnerability is not only the fear, grief and disappointment we experience. But it's also the birthplace of CREATIVITY, JOY, FAITH, LOVE AND INNOVATION. Wow, so beautiful.

It got me thinking about getting married. Choosing to get married is one of THE MOST vulnerable choices we will ever make in our lives. Heck, the vulnerability starts when we let ourselves fall in love, and to be loved.

But as scary as it is, this is what allows us to expand in ways we never could have dreamed of. To feel a joy, love and ALIVENESS unlike anything else. To open yourself up to a love of this magnitude is one of the greatest acts of faith we will ever take because we can never be *certain* about what the future holds.

We just keep going, one vulnerable step after the other, and trust. Trust in ourselves, trust in our partnership and trust that this is what life is all about.💖

Photo courtesy of Kim Heath Photography

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