21-Day mindfulness Challenge

because sometimes life gets going a little too fast 

Does this sound familiar?

“I wish I could be more mindful but I have no idea where to start”

“I want to feel more present but I never have any time”

“I would like to enjoy my wedding experience but I’m getting caught up in the stress of other things” 

I hear you.

The question of how do I make time for myself and how do I weave more mindfulness into my every day is something I think about a lot both personally and in the work I do with my clients. 

It can feel really daunting. 

I think we’d all just like to escape to a beach in Costa Rica and do yoga and meditate all day to really understand what this mindfulness thing is all about. Butttttttt it’s not that easy. 

So I’ve had to trick myself over the years to weave mindfulness into my daily routine like my commute, time in between meetings, before bed, and in the shower.

My mindfulness journey

There was a time when I used to race to the gym at 5am, work from 6-9pm (eating all three meals at my desk of course) and then crawl into bed only to repeat the same routine again the next day. I would even go into the work on the weekends…because it helped me to feel like I was “getting ahead” of the week. left ZERO time for myself in any capacity. I was an anxious ball all the time, I was always racing around like an idiot, and I never stopped for a single second to rest…because, well, that seemed like a waste of time, right?

Well I also got sick a lot, felt burnt out, and had little energy to give to things that were actually important to me like my health and my relationship.

Little by little I’ve made conscious steps to live more mindfully. I’ve had to UN-LEARN what I’ve been taught about what “success” looks like, to say F*ck the hustle, to give myself permission NOT to be productive. Our society loves to be busy. There is so much emphasis on do-do-do and more-more-more. And it leaves most of us sick, burnt out, and generally unfulfilled with our lives. 

It’s important to find ways to sneak mindfulness into EACH DAY because otherwise we blink and a year has gone by. Because a busy day turns into a busy week and a busy week turns into a busy month and a busy month turns into a busy year and a busy year turns into a busy LIFE.

I PROMISE you there is another way and it doesn’t take quitting your job and moving to a beach in Costa Rica (I mean you can do that too!).

There are little, doable ways you can weave mindfulness into your day that make a HUGE difference. And I am going to show you how! 


Here's what you can expect

  • 21 videos (10 min. or less) that each highlight one bite-size mindfulness trick
  • 21 quick and easy mindfulness challenges to immediately put into practice what you learn


Crystan Allan, Associate Marketing Manager

“I did a lot of self-growth during this 21-day challenge. Not only did I learn some great mindfulness techniques from Elizabeth, my interactions with the others in the group helped me feel empowered (and less alone) in my journey. My recommendation is to find a friend and do this together. I found it strengthened my friendships with those who were in the challenge along with me and it helped me stay committed to my mindfulness practice. I should note that my “mindfulness practice” was essentially created from scratch during this challenge – but I developed a few habits that I am hoping to sustain! :)”

Jenny Venkat, Manager, Corporate Mobility Strategy

1. What has been my biggest takeaway from this mindfulness challenge so far? 
Until the challenge, I wasn’t consciously aware that my mind is always racing. That I’m creating thoughts and stories that likely will never happen and that it actually impacts my mood! It may continue to happen for a while or forever but I think awareness is the first step to course correcting:)

2. What is one shift I’ve experienced in my life since starting this challenge?
I now crave meditation time!

3. What is one unexpected thing I’ve learned about myself on this 21-day mindfulness journey?
That when I take the time to still my mind, I can work through pretty much any situation. Or at least decide what the first step should be.

4. What am I most excited about heading into Week 2? 
To see what Elizabeth has in store for us! These have all been so awesome. Also, I love reading what everyone else rights. It resonates and makes me realize we all deal with similar stuff.

Becky Gallagher, Sr Analyst, Business Development

“Elizabeth Su, thank you for an absolutely incredible expectation-breaking 21 days! What a wonderful community you have created with these thoughtful, loving and prompt videos, emails, and encouragements! I feel so lucky to have been part of the experience.

*What were your favorite mindfulness tricks..*

Stop Doing List and Morning Routine – for both, I was able to pick really specific things (getting rid of instagram and the snooze button) that I have kept to since I started.

*What are the biggest shifts…*

This is kind of meta, but I’m more mindful about the importance of mindfulness, and my ability to weave that into my life. I missed a lot of these challenges but really enjoyed the daily routine of reading the emails and fb posts, and knowing that all of those exercises were both worthwhile and totally within my abilities to do.

*How will you stay committed…*

This experience has taught me that I do best with really specific tasks that can become a routine. So I started to meditate with Headspace. Somewhat sporadically, but getting more consistent! Mornings seem to be the best bet.

*What new insights/tools/learnings… *

Mindfulness is within reach! And there are tools out there to fight back against the waves of work and self doubt.

the investment?


PLEASE NOTE: This 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge is currently being offered as a self-study course

"The best way to be in the present moment is to be aware that you're not in the moment. As soon as you're aware that you're not in the moment, you're in the moment." 
- Deepak Chopra


I LOVE this reminder that mindfulness is all about AWARENESS. It’s not about shutting off your thoughts. It’s about noticing what those thoughts are and remembering you have a choice with how you react to them. The very act of noticing those thoughts or feelings is mindfulness!

For me, being mindful means that I am allowing myself to feel the feels. Not wishing for a different outcome. Just being. And taking the time to honor myself, my body, and what I need to do to be in alignment with that. It’s a feeling of expansiveness. A wholeness of being myself. A steadiness that everything will work out. A brightness of feeling alive. A surrender to the unknown. 

Mindfulness has become a HUGE part of my life. It is a big part of my every day and was certainly a big part of my wedding journey. And of course, it’s a constant practice. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with all of you so you can create your own mindfulness practice that works for you and your life. 


Arlene Hadi, Engineering Project Manager

1. What was my favorite thing I learned/experienced from Week 2 and why?
Week two felt like the theme was “let it go”. I actually also downloaded the headspace app and intend to start using it weekly on sundays to start. This is my favorite because I am learning a new, healthy habit

2. What are the top three ways being more mindful has impacted my life so far?
I am practicing choosing and celebrating me. So I’ve changed my work schedule to do what’s best for me
I’ve been more vocal about my thoughts because my thoughts and opinions are just as valid
I’ve been carrying my pump parts in the open at work because it’s easier and I shouldn’t be embarrassed by producing food for my little one. My peer was previously washing her parts in the bathroom sink. We don’t eat in the bathroom so I choose to wash them in the break room sink.

3. What new perspectives, if any, do I have on what it means to live more mindfully?
I’m not sure about perspective, but i do find myself consciously slowing down and stopping to analyze each situation – and asking myself how can i do better.

4. What do I desire most out of the last 7 days of our 21-day mindfulness journey together?
I would love to keep this cohort going. Maybe once in awhile we post our highs and lows. Or maybe we revisit once a month and see how we’re practicing our mindfulness tricks and to see if anyone had any new tricks they’ve learned along the way 
I know we’re not all local but the feeling is like having us take a field trip or schedule a yoga class class together. Lol

Candace Vig, University of Washington Medical Center

1. What has been my biggest takeaway from this mindfulness challenge so far?

Accept my thoughts and feelings. Accept that they are okay, whatever the feelings are–acknowledge them, and move on!

2. What is one shift I’ve experienced in my life since starting this challenge?

I look for ways to disconnect and just “be”.

3. What is one unexpected thing I’ve learned about myself on this 21-day mindfulness journey?

I swirl. Too many things in my brain! This experience has helped me focus on the unconscious loop; make plans for what I can change, let go of what I cannot.

4. What am I most excited about heading into Week 2?

Continuing to learn from others and be inspired!

Hannah Cooper, Santa Clara University

1. What has been my biggest takeaway from this mindfulness challenge so far? 
I think my biggest takeaway has been the reminder that mindfulness can be a constant practice, if you allow it to be. I loved all the different ways I was challenged to integrate mindfulness into my day-to-day and am looking forward to doing these practices in the weeks to come.

2. What is one shift I’ve experienced in my life since starting this challenge?
I appreciate slowing down!!

3. What is one unexpected thing I’ve learned about myself on this 21-day mindfulness journey?
Mindful showering surprisingly has proven to be the most challenging practice this week in terms of returning the present moment. My mind just automatically races in that space, which I find really interesting…

4. What am I most excited about heading into Week 2? 
I’m looking forward to Liz’s continued wisdom and ideas and learning from you all  Such wonderful sources of inspiration.


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