My Love Story

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​We all have our own unique love stories.

Mine began in my Freshman year dorm when I met this cute ROTC boy, Andrew. Our paths crossed multiple times before one day, when we were both out on a run, Andrew literally ran crossed the street to say hello. We went out to breakfast, he let me take a bite of his sandwich and the rest is history :)

We were young and innocent when we first fell in love back in 2008. It was a butterflies all the time, cupcake sharing, ferriswheel riding kind of love.

It wasn’t until we experienced four years of long distance dating while Andrew was in the military, cared for both of our moms when they were diagnosed with cancer, traveled to six different countries and countless National Parks, and picked up our lives and moved across the U.S. to be together, that we learned what REAL love was.

The kind of love that holds the greatest amount of joy and the greatest amount of pain. The kind of love that teaches you how strong you are, how big your heart is and what life is all about. The kind of love where you don't just find your “better half” but the person who reminds you just how beautiful and whole you already are.

It is THIS kind of love that I desired to shine through on our wedding day. To honor the past, to give gratitude for the present and to dream big for the future. To appreciate our journey together, the support of our incredible community and the beauty of being ALIVE.

Our wedding day wasn’t just a big party. It wasn’t just a public declaration of our love. It was a magical, soul-shaking, tears-because-your-body-doesn’t-know-what-else-to-do kind of celebration.

Or what I like to call: a Soulabration®.

My Big Why

I believe that every woman on the planet deserves her OWN Soulabration®.

To experience the magic that is available on this special day. And I'm not talking about the magic of having THE. PERFECT. DAY. (complete with insanely creative yet affordable guest activities, the most original signature cocktails and an expertly chosen hashtag). I'm talking about the magic that comes with the perfectly IMPERFECT day (complete with missing wine, bow-tie snafus and a permanent marker splotch on the back of your wedding dress). Because guess what? We are only human. Even brides!

What I'm talking about is the magic that happens when two perfectly imperfect souls come together to celebrate their perfectly imperfect life. Because that is what is REAL. 

We all know that life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. And that "happily ever after" isn't a given. It takes work. It takes commitment. It takes showing up every single day and saying "I CHOOSE YOU."

THAT is true love. THAT is what an intentional wedding is all about. THAT, my friends, is a Soulabration®.

Here, grab my hand. Come with me as I share my own Soulabration® with you and the magic that marked the next chapter in my life (take a peak at the video below):