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My Soulabration® Approach offers an entirely different wedding experience than traditional wedding planning because it doesn’t let you lose sight of the importance of this special day, have your guests feeling like it’s just another wedding, or leave you feeling like it was one big stressed out blur.

Everything I do with my clients revolves around the heart and soul, and is all about creating a day that embodies the truest expression of you, your relationship and the life you desire to lead together.

My 5 Core Pillars:

1.  Love & Relationships

  • Set intentions and lay a strong foundation for marriage
  • Craft an intentional wedding ceremony and heartfelt vows
  • Navigate difficult conversations with love and compassion (with parents/in-laws, guests, bridal party, partner)

2. Self Care & Wellness

  • Learn where you need to set boundaries and how to do it (with people, competing priorities, your job, your wedding)
  • Mindfulness tools to practice staying grounded and centered
  • Identify and attend to your own needs, especially during a time when it’s easy to put yourself last

3. Feminine Leadership & Empowerment

  • Stay true to what is most important to you and your values as a couple
  • Learn to trust your intuition when decision-making to quiet the noise and second guessing  
  • Get clear on your desires and voice your opinions confidently and unapologetically

4. Sisterhood & Community

  • A safe space to feel all the feels
  • Connect with like-minded women who are all on the journey to marriage
  • Tap into what sisterhood and community means to you, and how to maximize posi vibes throughout your wedding experience and for your entire life

5. F-U-N

  • Infuse heart and soul into your entire wedding experience to move beyond logistics, checklists and transactions
  • Personalize your wedding so it feels like ‘you’
  • Create the wedding, marriage and life that LIGHTS YOU UP

I offer two private coaching experiences:

4-Month Private 1:1 VIP Program

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Does this sound like you? YOU ARE A SOUL-CENTERED WOMAN. You see the wedding experience as an important step in both your own personal growth and also for the growth of your relationship. It's important to both you and your partner to be in sync during the wedding journey and to use this time to create an even deeper connection together on your path towards marriage. The two of you are excited to enter this next stage of your lives together lighter, clearer and completely aligned. It would be amazing to carve out time and space together to get on the same page, have meaningful conversations and not lose sight of the importance of this special time.

As you think about this magical period of your life, you realize you not only desire an intentional wedding but you'd love for every other wedding-related activity to be filled to the brim with intention as well. After all, there is no other time in your life when so many activities are planned at once in honor of you and your partner, and the love you share! Now is the time to practice RECEIVING - thoughtful gifts, heartfelt words and lots and lots of love, It can be difficult to know how to identify and ask for what you truly desire so it would be a huge relief to have someone by your side to serve as a resource for your bride tribe and community planning events like your bachelorette party, bridal shower, giving toasts & speeches and rehearsal dinner. Why not transform these traditionally material-focused, cookie-cutter events into the fun, meaningful ceremonies they have the potential to be?!

In this VIP program, we go FAR beyond your wedding day. It's time to get everyone on board and take full advantage of the magic that your journey to marriage holds so that you may enter this new phase of your life lighter, freer and the truest version of YOU. You are ready to be fully SEEN. It's time to step into your power as a brave, soul-centered woman and live out your most FULFILLED life. And I am here for you EVERY step of the way.

This program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Learn how to quiet the noise so you can start making decisions that feel aligned with what you desire instead of getting swept away by what you think you *should* do.
  • Go beyond the standard wedding planning checklists that never seem to be that helpful, and instead, start having more FUN so you make the most of this special time in your life.
  • Take your journey to marriage to the next level and identify your greatest superpowers and limiting beliefs both as individuals, and as a couple, so you learn how to most effectively support and communicate with each other to live out the most FULFILLED marriage, and life, together

90-Days to a Soul-Aligned Life

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Does this sound like you? You are a busy-bee who is determined not to get swept up in the tactical pieces of planning a wedding. You crave to be more mindful about the process because this experience is so much more than just planning a big party. It's a time to create new habits, heal old wounds, enhance communication skills, set intentions and get clear on what you truly desire for this next phase of your life. 

You are on your own spiritual path and sees the journey to marriage as an opportunity to strengthen the muscles that will support you and your partner throughout your entire life together. Because this is not just about one day. It's about a profoundly important and potent period of your own personal growth. It's about learning how to live out your best life with another perfectly, imperfect human. It's about the true meaning of LOVE.

But you can't do this alone. You are craving in-depth mentorship from someone who has been through this experience before and can provide the wisdom, guidance and accountability to empower you to step into this next chapter a LIGHTER, more JOYOUS and TRUER version of yourself. Get your weed whacker out because it's time to say goodbye to what's no longer serving you and make space for beautiful new seeds to blossom!

This program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Infuse meaning into your wedding day like crazy so it feels like "you", embodies your values and is that special celebration you've always dreamed of instead of getting swept up in all of the wedding logistics and losing sight of what's really important to you.
  • Learn how to tap into your feminine power so you shift from feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions, guilty about not pleasing everyone and confused about what feels true to feeling empowered to voice your opinion, confident about setting boundaries and inspired to trust your intuition. No more second guessing! 
  • Uncover what is preventing you from fully enjoying your journey to marriage so you can bust through limiting beliefs, clear out old cobwebs, and set yourself up for a lifetime of love and joy with your partner. 

But wait! There's more. All private clients get access to:

  • Woula Resource Library - over 15 different worksheets and 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge ($1300)
  • Signature Welcome Workbook ($150 value)
  • Woula Inner Circle - free workshops, discounts, and gifts courtesy of Woula biz partners ($1200)
  • Preferred pricing for a la carte sessions ($347/hour for couples, $297/hour for individuals)

Let's create magic together!

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